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Treatment For Adult Acne

Treatment For Adult Acne

Adult acne is generally diagnosed by its appearance; Dermatologists usually before treatment for adult acne prefer going with your physical examination first while looking into your personal and medical history to determine either its serious or not before recommending acne treatment for you. Although the causes of adult acne may be difficult to find out, possible causes that usually include hormones, medications, birth control pills, bad cosmetics, stress, women’s problems and else.

According to the official statistics adult acne affects 1 out of 4 of all adult men and 1 out of 2 adult women at some time in their lives. So there are the chances of getting adult acne double in women then men. Moreover, there are also 1 out of 3 adults have been affected with facial acne that also include acne on their body. According to the dermatologists number of adult acne patients have been increased in relation to the previous decades. Above statistics shows that adult acne is a common problem for a great number of people, it also realizes that adult acne sufferers are not alone. In most of the cases where an acne problem is at initial stage that require a little effort of yours that can even cure your adult acne with the tips staying at home.

Many treatment for adult acne products are available today, like over-the-counter creams and lotions that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid, sulphur, zinc and camphor masks, and benzoyl peroxide are the commons among those non-prescription products, works great in peeling and drying to unplug clogs and help the skin shed dead cells. Remember, your Treatment For Adult Acne will take some time. These over-the-counter creams and lotions require your continuous treatment and usually take two weeks to deliver total clearing results. Moreover, benzoyl peroxide is overall one of the best treatment for adult acne that also known as the best treatment for teen acne.

Remember, acne is a condition of skin and its not a disease, that’s why taking a good facial will bring a great benefits for your skin. Consult a facial expert because he knows what your skin needs exactly.

Give your skin a little sun exposure; Sunlight has been proven natural treatment in not even improving adult acne in some cases but clearing it up completely.

Taking birth control pills can reduce flare-ups; It has been shown by health findings that for some women on the birth control pill can help regulate the hormones that cause in Adult acne.

For all those serious and deep acne treatments, most doctors or dermatologists will usually prescribe an antibiotic pills, lotion or retinoic acid (a derivative of vitamin A) as part of your acne treatment. Remember, your doctor or dermatologist may suggest collagen injections and/or laser resurfacing as part of your treatment for adult acne in case of your deep acne scarring. Always go with your doctor’s recommendations and prescriptions to avoid further damage to your skin and health.

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