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Best Treatments For Acne At Home

Best Treatments For Acne At Home

Looking for the best home acne treatment? Acne treatment at home has a long history that most of the people around the earth are being practicing even today because it’s inexpensive, fast, safe and even free. There are plenty of best treatments for acne at home, are natural treatments that bring desirable results at home without worrying about the side effects. As acne has become a general problem for most of the people today that’s why great number of them already have tried lot of products and different kind of commercial and homemade acne treatments, although there are lot of them that do work but there are plenty of cases in which it resulted in skin damage due to harsh skin cleaners, strong antibiotics, sensitivity or else.

As it’s a common myth that dirt causes acne; although most of the people with clean skin usually get acne, its only because human skin is very sensitive that only require a moderate level of cleaning where over cleaning can over stimulate the sebaceous glands that cause more spots and more exaggerated skin conditions.

You can better treat your skin with foods you may already have in your home. Here are some of the natural best acne home treatment and very traditional ways that are very simple from the fancy treatments of today but will definitely work in treating your acne and keeping your skin healthy, you may better try some of these to see the difference:

10 Best Treatments For Acne At Home

  1. For home treatment for acne, blend a little amount of ground almonds and honey together to make a fine paste, apply it with a hot washcloth or flannel then rinse it off with the cold water.
  2. Mixture of honey and cinnamon powder can vanish your pimples in 2-3 weeks. Mix both together to make a fine paste and apply on your pimples overnight and wash it off in the morning with warm water. Repeat the process for just 2-3 weeks and you will get your fine skin back.
  3. Usage of egg yolk can help you remove excess oils from your skin, apply an egg yolk mask with a cotton pad on your spots and leave it for 15-20 minutes then wash it thoroughly with a cold water.
  4. Take equal quantity of one tablespoon each, sour cream, yoghurt and grind oatmeal then mix 3-4 drops of lemon juice, now apply to the face, rinsing off after 10-15 minutes.
  5. Apply a mixture of lemon juice and a rose water on your face with a cotton pad; leave it for half an hour and then rinse. It will give you best possible results in 20-25 days.
  6. One tablespoon of lime juice mixed with the groundnut oil can be applied directly on the spots with a cotton pad to prevent further outbreaks.
  7. Make a paste of sandalwood and black gram, apply it on the face and leave it over night then rinse in the morning day. As sandalwood has a very cooling effect and it will reduce the inflammation that acne causes, it will also reduce redness and irritation.
  8. Mash equal quantity of apple and cooked oatmeal (½ cup each), one tablespoon of lemon juice and one slightly beaten egg white to make a paste, apply the paste to liberally on your face for just 15-20 minutes then rinse with the cold water.
  9. Mix turmeric powder and neem leaves together equally, make a fine paste, apply on the affected areas then wash it off after 25-30 minutes with lukewarm water.
  10. Apply an oatmeal mask at least once or twice a week, apply the cooked oatmeal to on your entire face when it warm. Allow the oatmeal to dry on your face, and then wash it away. You can also use uncooked dried oatmeal mixed with warm water as a facial scrub to exfolliate the skin of your face and to clean the pores.

There are varieties of other acne treatment at home, most of them do work but as all humans are not equal so some of these may not work for all in the same way, there is a greater possibility of taking extra time in the treatment of acne at home. These are some important tips and are common home treatment for acne that doesn’t cost anything beside 100% work for all and can be called best treatments for acne at home; avoid eating processed food, drink plenty of water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily, get a nice sleep, go for a walk every day, wash your face at least three times a day, try getting some sunshine everyday to kill the bacteria, and to dry up the sebum oil that produces acne and take vitamins, like vitamin A and vitamin E works great in establishing our skin away from infections and diseases.

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What Causes Acne?

What Causes Acne?

Acne in the majority of people usually appears at puberty but it isn’t just confined to young. It can plague people’s way into adult life even in there ages of 40s, 50s and above. Although it’s an uncommon situation, but still holds a great possibility that causes acne.

The human body goes into overdrive and produces androgens (hormones) that turn the sebaceous glands over stimulated and enlarged that results in extra production of sebum (oil). Beside sebaceous glands also get affected by bacteria and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, which blocks pores. The process of bacteria multiplication inside the blocked pores starts up that cause spots, pimples and pustules associated with acne.  Most of the people not just contented with the spots but some of them may develop acne scars that require a long-term treatment to vanish if not treated in time and sufficiently.

While in general nobody believe on any specific contributing factor related to the main cause of acne, these are some of the commonly believed reasons that may help you to understand about what causes acne in general:

  • Genetics: It is considered to be a most powerful factor that causes acne as it has a strong capacity to travel in families and if your parents or children suffered from acne growing up then it are likely you will follow suit.
  • Self Medications: Medications and steroids may also become a factor that causes acne in some of the individuals even sometimes it used to treat acne can also cause it to flare up in some cases.
  • Oily Cosmetics: Make-up usage some times causes acne because there are certain foundations and even moisturizers can clog the pores of the skin.
  • Hard Treatments: Very harsh treatment, caustic facial cleansers and toners result in skin dryness that further causes body to produce more sebum to protect itself and it means more spots in return.
  • Uncontrollable Habit: Picking of existing spots or blackheads will only spread your infection that can normally cause acne scarring but in its severe form your acne causes permanent scarring too.
  • Misc Factors: There are variety of other common causes of acne that may be possible with your own type of acne problem like; Oily skin, hormonal imbalance, bacteria, infections, dirt accumulation, plugged skin pores, dead skin cells and deficiency of vitamins.

You should always remember that spots, pimples and pustules associated with acne is not caused by dirt or a lack of hygiene and you can not get acne from anybody else suffering from, because it is not contagious or infectious. Moreover, what you eat don’t directly cause acne where drinking plenty of water, getting enough beauty sleep, eating lots of fruit and vegetables associated with exercises is definitely beneficial in getting clear and healthy skin.

In the most of the acne cases; it generally cause acne when the skin loose its youthfulness and become more greasy that’s the reason it usually cause acne in the mid to late twenties when these negative things start happening with the skin, however everyone is prone to a spot breakout now and then; it is very rare to go through life without suffering from a single pimple. As its most common skin problem it can provide you variety of very authentic, practical and excellent treatments, choice is yours either you go with the natural or prescription, but it is highly recommended to consult your doctor or skin specialist to find out about what causes acne in your case, you will definitely get a very specific and a better solution that suits you to bring fast results in getting clear and healthy skin indeed.

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