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How To Keep Your Skin Healthy? 5 Top Tips On What Not To Do When Skin Caring | Healthy Skin.

How To Keep Your Skin Healthy? 5 Top Tips On What Not To Do When Skin Caring | Healthy Skin.

There is always a possibility to adopt instant changes to get fast benefits that directly come under our own control, same goes with the skin that’s why its never too late to start doing good care of your skin to remove bad happening and ailment to get the Healthy Skin back. Whether you are young or old, complexion of your skin will always reap the advantage! Most of the people have found careless while keeping routine skin treatment, its also possible that you may not always have the time to keep working with a rigid intensive skin care treatment but with these very easy to do 5 top tips you can not even achieve a healthier skin but can maintain younger looking skin for longer time!

1. Avoid getting too much sun exposure

It have been studied that direct exposure of the harmful rays of sun not even results in dry skin, premature aging, wrinkles, freckles, age spots but skin cancer, and it happens faster than rest of the other precautionary measures. If you don’t want to stop further damaging to you’re skin and to begin improvement process, you should avoid too much sun exposure. You should always cover up your face as much as you can when sun is at it’s fullest condition; avoid the sun between 10am and 4pm because the sun rays are at their most intensive behavior between these times. Applying a Sunscreen is good but require your little attention and effort to bring best results, usage of generous amounts of sunscreen works great if applied half an hour before exposing your skin to the sun and remember you should re-apply it every two hours accordingly. You should also wear sensible cloths, hats and sunglasses to avoid heating up your skin and body.

2. Stop smoking

Smoking is another important factor that damages the skin’s youthfulness and increases the aging process; it decreases flow of blood by narrowing down the tiny blood vessels while leaving the skin to deprived of oxygen and vitamin A, that are essential elements of healthier skin.  Moreover, smoking also damages fibers like Collagen and Elastin, which help in keeping your skin strong and elastic. If you want to improve your skin and let it out from further damaging there is one and only solution left and it’s quit smoking. Although it’s not an easy task but not an impossible one, you can do it with your own decision and determination but if you feel it’s a hard job to quit smoking then most of the other people like you can do it and have been doing it by getting other means and aiding programs as well as consultations with the professionals. You may adopt one of available solution that various people with hard and long time smoking background have used and successfully eliminate their smoking habit beside you may also go to your doctor if you can’t do it by your own.

3. Stop treating your body and skin hard

Skin is the sensitive part of a body that’s why it can show you very instant and fast effects for what you are doing to it – Be kind to your body and skin! Your hard and rough treatment with your skin can cause it bad. Do not take very hot showers or baths daily because it can strip essential oils from your skin, always try to take bath with lower and mild water temperature while staying less in the bathroom beside in relation to strong scented soaps usage of mild un-perfumed cleansers are best. Do not shave without shaving cream or gel because it will enhance a possibility to get cuts and skin damage.  Moreover, always shave when necessary and in the direction the hair is growing. After getting bath or skin wash prefer to pat or blot skin dry because rubbing cause it rough and dry; always retain some of the moisture on your skin.

4. Stop stressing

Stress is an unhealthy behavior that can cause instant bad effects to your face by replacing healthy glowing skin and lively impression with the dull, ill and depressant look, beside it can trigger acne breakouts and other health risking issues and problems that’s why it’s very important to keep a positive frame of mind to over come your sadness with the happy feelings.

5. Stop eating junk

Eating well doesn’t mean eating in bulk and in variety. Although, diet and acne isn’t thought to be connected with each other but good food will definitely bring good skin. Always eat plenty of fruit, vegetable, whole grain, lean proteins and easy to digest things and always avoid hard to digest, heavy and junk food. A diet specially enriched in vitamin C can enhance skin health in getting a younger looking skin.

These are 5 top tips on what not to do when skin caring, work great to get the benefit about how to keep your skin healthy, acne free and younger looking, most of these tips depend on your own habits that require you to overcome and remove all those bad habits to achieve long lasting good health to stop and remove all those bad factors which are stopping best Healthy Skin to achieve.

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